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Madrasah Teacher’s Training Institute (MTTI)
MTTI at a Glance
Madrasa education in Bangladesh is one of the important streams among three such streams of the education system: a) General Education b) Technical Vocational education and c) Madrasa Education. General education and vocational & technical streams have mechanism/institutional arrangement for offering pedagogical training to the teachers of these two streams. Now a day it is not absolutely confined to religion only. Many general subjects have been included in its curriculum and syllabi. Under the present Madrasah Education system there are 12000 institutions with about 3.5 million students who receive a combination of religious and temporal education from more than 150 thousand teachers.
The main objectives of the institution are as follows:
To modernize Madrasah Education with changes of the society.
To build up an organization to train up the Madrasah Teachers.
To arrange in-service and pre-service up-to-date training for Madrasah teachers.
To increase quality and efficiency of the Madrasah teachers through training.
To reduce the gap of existing facilities for higher education between General Education and Madrasah Education.  
The present courses offered by MTTI:
Subject-based training courses for the Dakhil (Secondary) level Madrasah teachers. The duration of the courses is four weeks. The courses are:
Communicative Arabic language course
Communicative English language course
Education Administration and management courses for the principals of senior (Alim, Fazil and Kamil) Madrashas, Course duration is three weeks.
Education Administration and management courses for the superintendents of Dakhil Madrashas, Course duration is three weeks.
Education Administration and management courses for the Head of Ibtedayee Madrashas.
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